What a day I have had.

I didn’t even want to get up this morning. But I knew I had to. I don’t even straighten my hair anymore, from what I hear everyone says I look “Better” with my curly hair. So I’m gonna stop being hard headed and leave it. Algebra is getting on my nerves, I mean I actually like the people in the class now, But I’m to behind to even try now. I can’t stand my A day lunch anymore, seriously.. How can some people be so ignorant? I mean come on, you might not know me or Leslie.. But YOU don’t have to move tables when your whole table has pretty much no one. I mean it kind of hurt my feelings in a way.. Just a lot of people at Salem are so god damn ignorant. I try my best to be nice to everyone, I really do. Because this is my outlook on this, If someone doesn’t really know anyone at Salem, I try and be nice and let them sit with me anywhere. I mean maybe that’s just me. But seriously, you don’t gotta move just because someone sits at your table. That’s fucked up. 

OH YEAH, today reminded me of why I NEVER liked smoking cigerates. Taste so fucking nasty, it’s unreal.